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    The Missisquoi County Museum maintains an impressive collection of historical artefacts. Unique to the collection are objects and documents belonging to the United Empire Loyalists and their descendants; information and objects from the Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870; photographs, ledgers, diaries and letters from the surrounding communities; early 20th century agricultural machinery and tools housed in the Walbridge Barn site; and merchandise from the 1940s housed in Hodge’s General Store.


    Donation of objects


    Would you like to make a donation? Please e-mail photographs of the item(s) along with a description and other information about each object; name of the original owner and a brief history of the object if possible. If you live locally, bring your item(s) directly to the Missisquoi County Museum during regular business hours.

    Please do not send or drop off your items until the Missisquoi Museum staff has requested you to do so.

    Please note: As the availability of space in our storage areas is extremely limited, objects will only be accepted if they are unique to the collection and have a strong connection to the history of Missisquoi County. Items must also be in good condition.

    All of the Missisquoi County Museum’s acquisitions are by donation only.



    For further information on the Missisquoi County Museum collections, please contact us at 450-248-3153 or

    Rolande Laduke, archivist

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