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    Faces from Across Time:  A Brief History of Early Photography


    With the ability to take photos now being something that many of us carry around in our pockets on our smartphones, it is hard to appreciate just how old and labour-intensive of an art-form photography is.  Photography, as we recognise it today, began in the early 1800’s.

    This year’s exhibit presents a history of the region told through photography. Perhaps more than any other historic objects, photo albums provide us the most tangible glimpse into the past – revealing perspectives on family dynamics, fashion, class, travel, daily life, and so much more. Each person can see something different in a single photograph.

    Most of the photographs in the Museum’s collection lack details and descriptions of the people in them; however, their faces still look out at us from across time, vivid testaments of the lives and stories of people from this region.


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