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    Cemeteries represent religious, artistic and social history. There is a growing concern in Quebec for our vast and varied religious heritage. There are many rural cemeteries that never were affiliated with a church congregation or that have lost their church buildings with the passage of time.

    In Missisquoi County, our heritage graveyards are unfortunately slowly crumbling and disappearing from our communities.

    The Missisquoi Historical Society has been protecting abandoned heritage graveyards for close to 50 years. In that time, 18 sites have come under the Society’s care and 75 have been identified and documented.


    Books containing cemetery lists can be purchased at the Missisquoi County Museum. For more information and prices, please click on the following link: Cemetery Books (PDF).

    The graveyards which are under the Missisquoi Historical Society’s care include:



    • Bates
    • Capron
    • Fitchette
    • Hazard
    • Meller
    • Selby
    • Westover
    • Wing

    St. Armand

    • Hastings
    • Krans (also known as the St. Armand Protestant or the Rosenberg site)
    • Luke
    • Russell


    • Barnes
    • Smith
    • Deming

    Stanbridge East

    • Chandler
    • Stanton (also known as Furnace Creek)


    • Basswood



    For more information on these graveyards, please contact us at 450 248-3153 or our archivist:
    Rolande Laduke rladuke@museemissisquoi.ca or info@missisquoimuseum.ca

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