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    Les Carrières de calcaire de Bedford et de Saint-Armand
















    In June 2018, author Philippe Fournier published his sixth book on the history of the region. The book entitled Les Carrières de calcaire de Bedford et de Saint-Armand, is the result of a collaboration between Mr. Fournier and the Missisquoi Historical Society.

    We have benefited from the generous funding from Graymont (Quebec) and Omya Canada, which are still pursuing the extraction and processing of the rich limestone deposit beneath Missisquoi County.

    The book is distributed and sold at a cost of $20 by the Missisquoi Historical Society, at the Missisquoi County Museum, to which Mr. Fournier has also generously transferred all rights to the publication.

    This publication is available in French only and can be purchased in person at the Missisquoi County Museum or  by contacting the Missisquoi County Museum  450 248-3153


    “The Fenians are Coming… “


    The Irish invasions as told by historian Laurent Busseau

    Fenians are Coming Book Cover

    For the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Irish invasions on Canadian soil (1866-1870) and after many years of research and writing, historian, Laurent Busseau, presents the story of the battles between the Irish Fenians from the United States and the Canadian defenders of our area known as “The Red Sashes.”  Produced in collaboration with the Missisquoi Historical Society, this book is the first in a collection by the Society published with Les Éditions Histoire Québec.

    “This slice of local history is underestimated,” Laurent Busseau explains. “Without the Irish, there is no Canadian Confederation. The fight between the Canadian militia and Irish insurgents will actually make Canadians realise that they should unite to fight.

    The book is available in English and in French and can be purchased in person at the Missisquoi County Museum ($20) or contact the Missisquoi County Museum  or 450 248-3153

    Prices are in Canadian dollars.


    Other Publications


    A series of publications are available for sale at the Missisquoi County Museum. See the full list here: Missisquoi Museum Publications

    For further information about our publications or to order copies, please contact:  or 450 248-3153


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